Sports Kits

White rugby shorts and white football tops, stains, dried in mud and left overnight in stinky kits bags; don’t wash too well with the mums, wives and partners of Ayrshire.

If you have rugby or football kits that needs some heavy duty washing and stains removed, then Wash-a-teria can help you.

Some local teams use Wash-a-teria not once but twice a week so their teams run out to the centre circle as good as the day the kit was launched.

My football team have our strips washed and dried on a weekly, and sometimes bi-weekly, basis. Great service and you definitely get some tough stains out !

We use spotting agents which may remove deeply ingrained stains and we can wash at high temperature better than most domestic washing machines.

Football kits are less expensive than rugby kits but both are competitively priced.

If you are looking to save on regular washing, get in touch with us about our competitive price deals.

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