Service Wash

When you don’t have the time to do your own laundry, if you are just back from holiday, going away or your washing machine goes on the blink or you simply need a break from doing it yourself, we offer 3 kinds of service washes.

The service washes that we offer are:

  • Service Wash – Wash, Dry, Fold – Standard
  • Service Wash – Wash, Dry, Fold – Large

Then we provide a Wash Only Service Wash:

  • Service Wash – Wash Only – Standard
  • Service Wash – Wash Only – Large

Or if you simply just need us to Dry Only your laundry, pop into one of our shops.

  • Service Wash – Dry Only – Standard
  • Service Wash – Dry Only – Dry Only Large

We have industrial-strength machines that can wash at various temperatures to suit specific types of garments and clothing and we don’t mix your laundry with other customers.

My laundry that got drenched from a flood and you cleaned it, dried it and ironed it all with a very good price too. You made my life a bit easier today and really shocked at how great the price was.

If you pop in early, we can wash, dry, and fold so you have your laundry back the same day.
You don’t have to book an appointment, just turn up during our opening hours, drop off your laundry and we’ll wash or dry or fold; you decide.

If you have specific washing instructions or want to bring your own detergent; just let us know.

We also provide a drop-off and collection service within Ayr and Prestwick and, upon request, we visit other parts of Ayrshire during the week.

To find the nearest laundrette to you, visit our laundry shop pages or if you have any questions give one of our shops a phone call or fill in the form below.

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