If you are fed up playing at Cinderella at the weekends or the laundry and ironing is piling up, then let Wash-a-teria take care of things for you.

We can take care of shirts, blouses, jeans, trousers, pleated shirts, dresses, underwear, silks as well as sheets, duvet covers and large table covers and many many more.
Our ironing prices start at £0.95 per item for under 10 items and the more you ironing you bring the cost per item reduces.

I picked up a whole load of ironing today and I can’t believe how well it was all ironed and hung up and packaged. Thank you and I will definitely be back.

Ironing for sheets, duvets, large table covers and other intricate items start at £2.50 per item.

No more awkward corners, pleats or getting tangled in the iron cord, bring in your ironing and Cinderella can go to the ball.

For prices and ordering, click here.